Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Ride Roma a better way

Hosted by a local bike shop and lead by local cyclists, RideRoma is a unique way to see Rome.  The bikes are made available by The Red Bicycle whilst each of the lead cyclists will have his or her own route planned out. What makes this event different to your usual tour of Rome, other than the fact that it's by bicycle is that each guide has developed a storyline to coincide with the stops. Don't expect the main sites to be the focal point of the tour as each guide will be addressing a particular aspect of Roman heritage instead, taking in sites that are linked to their chosen theme.  The Fountains of Rome. This is an excellent theme for exploring Rome as the story of water and how the Romans brought it into this city began centuries ago. Not to mention the fact that through the continued development of aqueducts it would allow Romes population to grow to that of London in the Victorian era!
So what do I care about all that?
You might be asking yourself why is this important when what you came to see was the Trevi Fountain? Putting it simply, without the Romans and their aqueducts there wouldn't be the Trevi. Although it was built much later, it still relied on a Roman aqueduct For its water supply and, it wasn't until the late 1900's that it was turned onto a electrically powered pump system.
So when do We get to throw a coin in the fountain?
To be honest if your still asking about whether or not your wish will come if you throw a coin in the fountain, I think that the point of joining this tour has been lost on you! Besides, what's more interesting is that the building its attached to has still got a large reservoir on the ground floor which was used to provide enough pressure to get the water to come pouring out of the openings and cascading down over the fountain.  An amazing sight whichever way you look at but I hope that seeing it this way, with a storyline as a backdrop for what we see along the way will make it that much more interesting.

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