Sunday, January 8, 2017

Cycle Rome with a Local Cyclist

Ride Roma with a local! 

Have fun cycling a bicycle through areas and along trails that avoid traffic whilst still being able to enjoy the sites, sounds, smells and secrets of Europes most historic city: Rome.

As opposed to most other bicycle tours, the itinerary and sites visited are not decided by the guide but rather the participants. So after a short initial consultation the guide will design a route that covers area and POI's such as a famous cappuccino bar or gelateria!

In addition to there not being any fixed itinerary or list of sites visited, which means no two routes are ever the same, there is no fixed price for the tour either! This means that participants can pay what they felt the tour was worth at the end of the in the form of a "tip" for the guide.

The bicycles are made available by a local bike shop at a rate of 10 euros per bike for the duration of the tour, with the possibility of extending the period for longer bicycle rental.

The duration of the tour depends on group and other factors but on average lasts 3 hours, from start to finish.

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